Advanced Driving

Advanced / Eco / Defensive Driving
(Equipping drivers with knowledge and skills to drive safer)

Advanced drivers are 25% less likely to be in a collision (RoSPA) so it pays to improve our driving skills. You are never too old to learn or improve new techniques.

When driving, do you ever find yourself?

  • Creeping above the speed limit
  • Driving too close to the vehicle in front
  • Getting distracted (e.g. mobile phone ringing, children playing up)
  • Losing yourself control (shouting at other road users)

 If the answer is ‘Yes’, you may need to expand your skills.

 What are the benefits:

  • Become a safer and smoother driver
  • May lower your insurance premiums
  • Improve fuel consumption (between 10% – 25% depending on driver and vehicle)*
  • You get to keep your No Claims Bonus (NCB or NCD) for longer
  • Advanced Drivers tend to drive more economically, so less wear and tear on your engine and components (cheaper motoring!)
  • You will be an all round safer and more competent motorist. Much more aware of what is going on around you.
  • You will be much more skillful behind the wheel. For some people, it will speed you up and be more progressive. Always being able to stop in the distance you can see to be clear. For others it slows you down, but make you more observant to take overtaking opportunities safely and generally make you a more “progressive” driver.

Advanced Driving courses – 

For the individual or company drivers

Help drivers to achieve the correct standard for the advanced tests provided by RoSPA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents), IAM (Institute of Advanced Motorists). Price on request. ADE Ltd can provide an advanced driving test as we have in-house examiners who provide an IAM or RoSPA certificate which are renewable every three years.  Price on request.

All training materials required will be provided by ADE.

Please contact us if you need clarification or to discuss other proposals, for example company policies by Powerpoint presentation or if the above does not meet you or your business needs.

Remember – This is only an example of the advance-driving course, so please contact a member of our training team, so that we can discuss and design a bespoke course to meet your needs.